Six Reasons to Scuba Dive on Your Next Holiday

Published Date: 08 Nov 2017

Anyone who has embarked on a scuba diving adventure will tell you it is one of the most amazing holiday activities and experiences in the world. Whether you try it once on a Discover Scuba experience, or you decide to take it up full time and pursue a Diver’s License, many of our resorts have the facilities to make scuba diving a dream come true. Here are eight reasons to consider diving not only as a recreational activity on your next holiday, but also a new hobby.

  1. A whole new world
    Words cannot fully describe the sights you will behold when you’re scuba diving. Whether it’s a turtle up close, or rays gliding effortlessly across the sand, each sight is breathtaking in its own way. Even something as simple as coral will fill you with awe, as you’re treated to bright colours and all the little critters that live on the reef.
  2. Vitamin D
    It’s no secret that sunshine gives a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and when travelling to any of our destinations you are guaranteed buckets of it. Even though you’re underwater when you’re scuba diving, you are still able to enjoy sunshine as you enjoy a boatride to the reef, or when you’re waiting for your next dive.
  3. It’s always different
    You can dive the same reef just one hour apart and it will still be an entirely unique experience! Come back a year later and it will be like a whole new reef entirely. With diving, you are guaranteed a unique underwater adventure with every metre you dive and every reef you visit.
  4. “Me” time
    Although you always dive in a group, diving is one of the most personal activities you can enjoy. Since more often than not you won’t be able to talk underwater (depending on the type of breathing aparatus you’re using), diving is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your own company as you’re surrounded by the gorgeous depths of the ocean and time to reflect.
  5. Swim without restrictions
    When you snorkel, you are restricted by how long you can hold your breath, how deep you can go and how far out you can swim. When it comes to scuba diving, there is hardly anything to hold you back! You don’t have to constantly return to the surface to get a breath of air, and you can get up close and personal with the reef without having to worry about being too deep.
  6. Just breathe
    If you’re an experienced diver you will know, the number one rule of diving is “never hold your breath”. Controlled breathing while diving is such a fantastic method to take out of the ocean and back home with you. Breathing slowly and deeply not only protects your lungs, but it has also been proven to bring about a feeling of calm and tranquility. So even when you’re not a couple of metres under the sea, you can still enjoy the benefits of diving.

Whether it’s your first time there or you’ve been there before, Scuba Diving is a spectacular way to experience a destination. It is one of many activities to choose from if sitting on the beach isn’t what you had planned for your holiday. And if you do opt for Scuba Diving... Remember to take only memories and leave only bubbles.