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Mozambique is on the south-eastern coast of Africa, bordering Tanzania, Malawi, and Zambia to the north; Zimbabwe to the west; South Africa and Swaziland to the south; and the Mozambique Channel to the east. The capital, Maputo, is in the south, near the coast. Mozambique has grown into one of Africa’s most desired holiday destinations, owing to its outstanding snorkelling, delicious cuisine and pristine 2,500km coastline. It’s about enjoying life’s simple pleasures, be it with family, friends or a special someone. With an array of cultural and natural heritage sights, the avid traveller and history enthusiast will want for nothing. The fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables are in abundance and there is no shortage of skilled personal chefs to fulfil your culinary desires.

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Mozambique climate

Dry season from May to November with temperature rising over 29 degrees Celsius. Wet season from November to April; rainy months from December to February with showers, short thunderstorms and temperatures over 33 degrees Celsius.

Mozambique shopping

Local African crafts and artwork are favourites for souvenirs and gifts; these mediums are heavily influenced by ancient cultures and beliefs of the region. Traditional handicrafts include wood carvings with vividly coloured masks the most popular buy for their individuality and tribal significance. Other souvenirs include traditional tribal jewellery, soapstone and malachite carvings, vibrant printed textiles, mats and baskets woven from reeds, pottery, decorative home wares, and leather articles.

Mozambique sightseeing

Here are a few of the natural and cultural attractions available: Church of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte Sao Sebastiao Fort Church of the Misericordia Cathedral of Our Lady of Conception, Inhambane Maputo Fortress Maputo Iron House Mozambique National Museum of Art Gorongosa National Park Mozambique National Ethnographic Museum Zambezi River Delta.

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