Island Weddings

A Dream Wedding

Just imagine standing with your feet in the warm powdery-white sand, as the sun, now just an orange glowing orb, sets over a gentle azure ocean. A light warm breeze kisses your face and gently rustling palm leaves above you sway rhythmically to their own island dance. You feel the warm hand of the Love of your Life in yours, reassuring, resolute and ever-so gentle. In that moment, you exhale, and your heart feels like it wants to burst because you know that this is the perfect moment you have been waiting for, the moment you read about in books, the moment magazines write about with such joy and that moment that is shared in stories the world over. This is your wedding day.

No matter what you imagine your wedding to be like, a quiet intimate affair or a glamourous shiny affair with lots of people and laughter, our wish for you is to make sure that your day is exactly as you had imagined. Magical and unforgettable.

Leave it to us

Our team of dedicated staff both in South Africa and at our hotels are passionate about what they do, and they will take care of every detail, from the trip to the island, until you say your final goodbyes. Everything is perfectly orchestrated and taken care of. The perks of choosing a wedding package at our hotels are many-fold: When on the island you will have a dedicated wedding planner who will sit and go through every detail with you from the location of the ceremony to the after party.

Prefer a Personal Touch?

Have a specific colour scheme, theme? No problem at all.

We will help you arrange every aspect, including flowers, bouquets, buttonholes, music, photography, videos, decor and so much more.

We are also able to assist with hair and make up for you and your bridal party.

Ensure everyone has a magical time!

We can arrange a whole series of activities before and after the ceremony for you and your wedding party to enjoy and make memories including: Pre-wedding pampering at the spa, an under-the-sea exploration, special beach dinners or even catamaran cruises. There’s so much to do, why miss out?


The legal and logistical aspects of your Mauritius wedding

The Paperwork

Eight weeks prior to your wedding in Mauritius, we require the following documentation so that we can send it to the Mauritian civil status office.

  1. A copy of both your passports
  2. An updated unabridged birth certificate, issued no earlier than 3 months before you travel.
  3. If you have had a name change, then an official document reflecting that change of name.
  4. Proof of home address as this is where the wedding certificate can be sent.

Should you be divorced or windowed, we require the following additional documents

  1. A divorce decree of the person married before
  2. A death certificate if either of you were married before or your partner passed away during the previous marriage.
  3. A former wedding certificate if either of you have been married before.

There are a few conditions if getting married again.

  • Your wedding can only be celebrated 300 days after the date of a divorce decree or the date of the death certificate of a former spouse.
  • A medical certificate needs to be provided stating that a spouse-to-be is not pregnant.  This pregnancy test needs to be done in Mauritius by a recognized local practitioner. If   found to be positive, the wedding unfortunately cannot be held in Mauritius.

Kindly note that all documents required need to be in either French or English otherwise needs to be translated accordingly.

When renewing your vows, the only documents required is your marriage certificate

It is very important to remember that you will be required to have the original documentation with you when in Mauritius.

Formalities once in Mauritius

It is important that you arrive in Mauritius for at least three working days before your ceremony as you will need to visit the Supreme Court. This is where your documentation will be checked and where you will be asked to declare that you are not already married. Your wedding can take place 24 hours after the publication of the banns.

When renewing your vows you only need to arrive in Mauritius two working days before the date of the ceremony

Arranging your ceremony

An officer of the court marries you and therefore weddings are not able to take place on weekends. The time of your wedding also depends on when the officer can come to the hotel however we do our best to get it as close to when you want as possible

Weddings in Mauritius are legal however are not religious. If you would like to have a religious ceremony, you would need to bring your own officiant, or we can request this from our experts on the island who are more than happy to assist.

Once your wedding has been performed, a marriage certificate will be issued.

Upon your return from your magical honeymoon, you would need to register your wedding in South Africa at your nearest home affairs office.

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